In addition to considering information systems design and security on behalf of WAVE affiliated groups, Group 2 focuses upon small physical/geographic communities, and the security concerns associated with their claims to independence. For the most part, such small communities can be categorised as micronations or intentional communities. Group 2 incorporates the Strategic Threat Assessment & Response (STAR) group, and the wider Zero State initiative (see below for more information about both of these groups).


See this sub-page for information about the STAR strategic planning group.



We’re a grass-roots community pursuing smart, compassionate solutions to problems, and improving the human condition.

Personal transformative technologies we pursue include life extension and cognitive & physical enhancement. Social projects include accelerating change, basic income, meshnets and bitcoin, while lifestyle initiatives explore areas such as the arts, spirituality, fashion and culture.

Our goal is the establishment of a trans-national, virtual state – the Zero State.

ZS is dedicated to mutual aid and global renewal in science, technology, politics, economics, environmentalism and spirituality. The Zero State will act as a counterpoint to traditional governmental, corporate and religious institutions, bringing people together to share independently-developed tools and resources.

Zero State Media coordinates media releases and events for ZS.



The channel is #zerostate on You may have to check proxy settings in your client. Pidgin works well, and can also be used for other chat, as well as having OTR (off the record) functionality.

The preferred method of connection is to use SSL on ports 6697 or 9999. If you must, you can connect without SSL to ports 6665-6669 and 7000. You can connect via our round-robin DNS:


VR GATHERINGS are held in Openqwaq, in the teleXLR8 Main Conference Hall. You can get the client software from

If you are a ZS citizen and have arranged to meet with others in the Hall for the first time, please ask Eugen [] for login details.


Zero State – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) v1.2

  1. What is Zero State? Zero State (ZS) is a trans-national virtual autonomous community based around some well defined common principles, and goals which encompass renewal on a global scale of science, technology, economics, politics, art, religion and spirituality. In other words, generally remaking the world.
  2. What is a trans-national virtual autonomous community? Virtual means we have not (yet) coalesced into real geographical communities. Trans-national means we accept and have members/citizens from any nation. Autonomous means that we aim to exist as a self governing entity as far as possible, modeled on “stateless states” such as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which maintains diplomatic relations with 104 countries, has numerous ambassadors, issues its own passports, currency, stamps and even vehicle registration plates.
  3. Why should I join ZS? Because we might just succeed in making a difference – hard times are coming to the world, and the next 20 years may be the most crucial in human history. Ultimately, we aim to look after our own people – each other. This means eventually creating an internal self help economy based geographically as well as developing general political influence to progress our aims.
  4. How would that work? By creating a skills and business directory to put members in touch with each other on a local basis, from babysitting, plumbing, farming, shops etc to programming and R&D. All things being equal, we give our business to insiders. We are also exploring the use of Bitcoin as an internal and potentially untraceable international currency. This is part of the infrastructure projects.
  5. Is ZS Left- or Right-wing? No.
  6. How big is Zero State? As of now (see above date) ZS has around 2,500 members, and is part of the much larger network of WAVE-affiliated organizations. We aim to increase total membership significantly each year, so any figures are approximate.
  7. How do I get involved? At the least, just become a free member and (literally!) wear the T-shirt. Next level up get paid membership, then… Find a project that interests you and join the effort.
  8. What sort of projects are there? Anything anyone can think of. The big ones at present are the political parties (eg The Consensus in the UK) and infrastructure projects involving secure distributed communications built around Tor and PGP, Bitcoin and software engineering projects for our own social media. We aim to create a system that cannot be taken down by any government. There are also projects involving art and media (Zero State Media) and religion and spirituality (eg The Praxis).
  9. I want to cure cancer/build a rocket/learn macrame. Will ZS help me? If you can find people within ZS to help, then yes. It is up to you to find them, or inspire them to help you.
  10. What about property rights on ideas I have – does ZS get them? No. With any commercially viable idea or project it is up to you and whoever you involve to work out details of IP, patents, copyrights etc. What ZS asks is that you make the product available to ZS citizens and of any money made by sales to ZS citizens some 10% or more of profit should be donated to ZS.
  11. So I can make money from ZS? Yes. If you can find a way to do so – just do it!
  12. I only have <x> free hours a month. Can I do anything useful within ZS? Yes – talk to people about us both online and in the “real world” whenever the opportunity arises. Try and recruit them – all it takes for basic membership is to join one or more mailing lists or social network groups. Become a “roving ambassador” for ZS.Next level up, become a contact point in your area/city/town/village, known in ZS as a “Point of Presence” (PoP). Meet fellow ZS citizens, organize social event and meetups. Join one of our spinoff organizations. Otherwise, see the question above.
  13. Who are the ZS leaders? A leader in ZS is someone with an idea who tries to implement it, with or without help from other members. The more people you can get on board, the bigger leader you are. Leader does not equal “boss” – it simply means you get out in front and lead. Sometimes it simply means a group of people will want you to coordinate group efforts. A leader is a servant.
  14. Who speaks for ZS? Anyone who is a member can speak for ZS, in the same way that you can speak for the nation of which you are a citizen. Whether people will listen, and what weight your opinions carry, is another matter.
  15. Is ZS democratic? ZS is largely meritocratic and your standing within the community depends on your contributions. That said, direct democracy is often employed and encouraged within ZS working groups. We attempt to balance initiative and meritocracy with egalitarianism and democracy.
  16. Do I need permission to do something in ZS? No. If you want it to be ZS just keep interested parties informed to avoid duplication of effort, then just do it. Surprisingly, this is one of the hardest things for many new citizens to grasp.
  17. I’m not a fan of H+/Industrial Music/Extreme Ironing. Is ZS for me? ZS is about exploring every possible avenue to influence the state of the future. If you can think of something you would like to see happening – just do it. If you need help, ask. As long as it is compatible with our general principles make it your ZS project. Otherwise, look around and see what might be of interest.
  18. I’m a member of the Labour party/Green Party/Church of England etc. Can I still join ZS? The brief answer is “yes”. However, if that organization finds itself in opposition to ZS then the ZS Citizen is expected to side with us.


WAVE and Zero State membership is free. If you would like to make a donation to support the network’s activities, then please send Bitcoin to the following address: 1EiUpRCz8SsUNmXCCLQoWv8jd32zZ3xgjx